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12 Month Progression

Here is a collage I made showing Liam’s progression over the past year.

I have so much to say about Liam hitting the one year mark, and how emotional it has made me! But that will have to wait for another time. 🙂


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Liam’s first birthday party

We celebrated Liam’s first birthday on December 31, at 2:00 p.m. The theme was musical toys, inspired by Liam’s love for them! The main colors were green, blue, and orange, and there was a little bit of red and yellow mixed in. I had table covers in blue, orange, and green, and alternated them. The centerpieces were guitars cut from foam board and painted in the party’s theme colors. We also put photobooks from Liam’s first year on each table, along with a few party favors (toy tambourines, flutes, and maracas) and this form letter we asked people to complete for Liam. The letter started out as “Dear Liam,” and then I started off about 10 sentences for everyone to complete. The sentences started out with things such as “I hope you learn _____________”, I hope you aren’t afraid ________________”, “I hope you love _________”, etc. The forms were printed on plain white paper, and then I matted them on cardstock in the party colors. Most people completed them, and I was glad of that! I will be saving them for Liam to read when he is older.

We handed out goody bags to all the kids and babies that contained tambourines, maracas, flutes, bubbles, and mini coloring books. I was happy to find so many musical party favors!

I used Liam’s musical toys to decorate the food table, and our amazingly talented friend made a smash cake for Liam (strawberry with white whipped frosting), and cupcakes (strawberry and chocolate) with whipped frosting colored the party colors, and with a white chocolate musical instrument standing out of each one. She also made sugar cookies cut into the shape of musical instruments. We also served chocolate-dipped marshmallows on sticks, fruit kabobs, cheerios & goldfish (for the babies), salsa/cream cheese rollups, cheese cubes on party forks, and cheese dips. Planning the party was a lot of work, but I enjoyed it, and was pleased to see it all come together so well!

Liam seemed to enjoy the party, though he was a little tired. He spent his time crawling around, shaking his maracas, eating, and opening the presents. When everyone sang happy birthday to him, he wasn’t really sure what to think. He just sat in his high chair and watched with a serious, and very slightly confused look on his face. Watching him devour the smash cake was great – he really dug into it!

Here are some pictures from the party.

The cake

The smash cake, post-smash

The birthday boy!!!

And again! Hat & onesie by Chubby Cheeks Boutique! (Thanks Lauren!)

Next I am going to be making a photo collage of the last 12 months…will be posting more soon!

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