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On Wednesday, Liam woke up with only a low-grade fever, and it stayed that way most of the day.  But then, before he went to bed, it spiked back up above 101.  We gave him some Advil and decided we better call the pediatrician on Thursday morning.   We did, and they wanted to see him.  I knew this mean blood and urine work, and while this upset me, I also knew it was necessary at this point (8 days of a fever!).

Before they went forward with the blood and urine tests, they decided to test him for strep, which is the one thing they had not done.  His throat had been very red, so it was a possibility.  When 2 nurses came into Liam’s room at the doctor’s office, I knew the test was negative, and they were going to be doing the blood/urine testing, and it was going to be unpleasant.

I don’t want to relive the experience here – to say it was stressful (for both Liam & me) is an understatement, and I hope to never have to make him do that again! 

After a few hours of waiting, we got our test results back.  His white blood cell count was elevated, as we expected.  But the surprising part is this:  there were 12 or 13 indicators in his blood results consistent with mono!  The pediatrician did not test specifically for mono, because that is not something they normally see in a 13-month-old baby.  However, it all makes sense:  the red throat, the unending fever, the lethargy – all are symptoms of mono.  Combine that with his blood work and, well, I think we have our villain.

He has been fussy since we left the doctor’s office yesterday.  I am sure he is sore from being poked & prodded one too many times.  But, he is a trooper, and I know this will pass, and he will forget all about it.  I hope that happens sooner rather than later.

I have absolutely no idea where he got mono – I guess it could be anywhere.  I will be sterilizing my entire house though – it is highly contagious!



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Sickness & 12 month pictures

Poor Liam has been sick.  About sick as he has ever been!

On Thursday, we went about our morning routine as usual.  I took him to daycare, and got ready to kiss him bye, and I noticed his cheek felt warm against my skin.  Since the daycare teacher had just informed us that RSV was going around one of the other rooms, I began to panic.  I asked to borrow their thermometer, and sure enough he had a low-grade fever, but not enough for the school to require him to go him.  At least not yet.

They asked what I wanted to do, and I decided to leave him there for a couple hours so I could finish some things at work, and then I decided I would plan to pick him up if his fever didn’t go down within that timeframe.

After I had been at work for about an hour, I called to check in, and sure enough, his temperature was on the rise.  I went to get him and took him home.  At the time, the fever was his only symptom.

On Saturday, he was still running a fever, and it had gone beyond low-grade several times (up to 102.5 a few times), and so we decided to take him in to the pediatrician.  They looked him over, said his lungs were clear and his ears looked good, but his throat was raw.  They also said if his fever didn’t drop by Monday, to give them another call.

This morning we woke up, and Liam STILL had a fever.  We went back to see the pediatrician, and he tested negative for RSV and the flu.  However, our pediatrician was concerned at how long his fever had lasted, and by this point he had developed a deep chest cough, so she sent us in for an x-ray at the hospital.  He got his chest x-rayed, and everything looked good, although they could see that he had plenty of buildup in his lungs.  By this point, we had been at the doctor’s office and hospital several hours, and Liam was getting restless, not to mention tired and hungry, so our pediatrician said we could go ahead and go home, but if his fever doesn’t go down in a few more days, they want him to be brought back in for blood work and a urine analysis.  I am PRAYING he gets better very soon.  I really don’t want to subject him to testing like that.

On a side note, he weighed in at 21 lbs 4 oz on Saturday and 20 lbs 14 oz today.  I think his clothes were heavier on Saturday (today he just wore thin, cotton clothes), but I also think he has lost a few ounces from being sick.  He hasn’t wanted to eat very much.  I made him some jello to try to keep him hydrated.  And, we had started the weaning process from nursing, but his being sick has taken us a few steps backwards there.  That is ok though – if that is what it takes to keep him hydrated, then so be it.

So now, here are some of my favorite shots from his 12 month photo shoot!







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13 months

Wow. I cannot believe it has been more than a month since my last update. It seems I get busier and busier all the time. However, I don’t want to get too busy to document Liam’s life! On one hand, I would rather spend my time experiencing life with Liam. But, I also realize that one day, these blog posts and notes made in his baby book will be so incredibly meaningful, and I don’t want them to be full of gaps. So I’m going to TRY very hard to get back to updating once a week.

A lot has happened in the past month! On January 9, Liam had his 1 year checkup. He weighed in at 20 lbs 4 oz and was 31″ long. He is quite long and lean! He goes back in April for his 15 month appointment.

Liam also had his 1 year pictures made! We had to do two sessions, because he was not feeling well at all on our originally scheduled appointment, which made him fussy. About 30 minutes in, he just started crying inconsolably, so our photographer said we could reschedule for the following week. I got the pictures back last Friday, but I won’t have time to share them here right now. I promise to do so soon!

Liam is walking EVERYWHERE! As I already posted, he took his first independent steps a few days before Christmas. He gradually became more and more confident with his new walking skills, and for the past 2 weeks, he has been all over the place on his feet. He walks with his hands stretched out in front of him for balance, and he still toddles a little. But, he is also faster and keeps trying to run!

He also shakes his head “no”, which he finds very hilarious. It’s funny to ask him questions and watch him shake his head in response. He doesn’t know how to nod his head “yes” yet, so everything is “no”.

He is no longer nursing during the day. He nurses when we get home at the end of the day, before bed, and he usually still nurses in the middle of the night.

He now has 6 teeth and a couple more are on their way in!! At his 1 year checkup, he still only had the 1 tooth (top left incisor), but our pediatrician pointed out 4 that were coming in. She also said she could see his molars were starting to swell. So in less than 1 month, he got 5 new teeth!

I think those are the major highlights. All in all, it has been a good month! I will update more soon.

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