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I think I covered everything I need to share here in the title.

I still owe this blog some pictures.  I simply have not had the opportunity to upload them.  I will definitely be doing that soon – with Christmas coming, I need to get those pictures on Shutterfly so I can start thinking about Christmas presents.  And that’s all I will say about that!


So Liam had his first experience trick or treating this year.  He wore an Elmo costume (pictures to come later).  He wasn’t exactly sure what to think about the experience.  He was fine until people answered the door, and then he’d turn around and cry for one of us to hold him.   We only took him to about 4 or 5 houses as we didn’t want TOO much candy for him.   He did love the little bit we allowed him to have.  🙂

OB Checkups

I had an ultrasound on 11/5 and an OB checkup on 11/7 .  Both went great!  I didn’t get any good pictures at the ultrasound, unfortunately, because baby girl was in the worst possible position and would not cooperate.  However, she was head down, which was a relief!  Even though I know she could flip around a few more times, it is good to know that she at least CAN get into a head down position.  She was measuring 2 lbs 8 oz, putting her at the 58th percentile, and my AFI (amniotic fluid index) was 15 cm, which is perfectly normal.   My next ultrasound is on 12/12, and if everything looks good then, that will be the last of this pregnancy.  So hopefully we’ll get some good pictures!

My OB checkup was uneventful – my fundal height was measuring right on target with what the ultrasound showed.  I go back on 12/5, and then I start every other week appointments through the end of December, and then I start going weekly on 1/2 until the end of the pregnancy. 

I’ve also started seeing a prenatal chiropractor – my insurance covers it, and the experience has been wonderful!  It’s so incredibly relaxing and I’m glad I started going.  My chiropractor also does acupuncture, which is also covered by insurance!  So my plan is to start doing that at 38 weeks as a natural “encourager” for baby girl to come out.  I’m trying to avoid Pitocin if I can this time around! 


Sickness has definitely abounded at our house.  Last week, Liam came down the with the adenovirus, which included a fever, double ear infection, all alongside cutting his canines!  He was finally getting better, and then the night before last he woke up vomiting several times.  We thought it was something he ate until we took him to daycare and learned that 4 other toddler had been sent home vomiting and with fevers!  Liam didn’t run a fever until the end of the day, but he did start running one, and he wouldn’t eat or drink all day, so he is home today recovering.  However, he is fever-free and acting like himself again, so I’m hoping it was only a 24 hour thing.  And I’m hoping I don’t catch it!


My getting pregnant seems to be what motivates us to renovate our house.  Last time, we converted our garage into a family room.  This time, we’re updating and repairing our bathroom!  All of this started on Monday, and should be finished today or possibly tomorrow.  I’m excited to have this done, but it has been rough living out of a hotel all week, especially with Liam being sick.  I’ll be so glad to be back in my own house with my own things and my own bed!  That is especially true since we’re going to Branson with my parents and brother for Thanksgiving next week, so we’ll be away from home again.

Now all that is left is our kitchen, and then we can get our house on the market to sell!  I’m so ready to move into something bigger and more suitable to our family of four.  And whatever we get next, I want to be our forever house.  So if we have to rent for a while until we find that perfect place, I’m willing to do that to avoid buying another temporary place.

29 weeks

Tomorrow, I’ll be 29 weeks pregnant!  I can’t believe I’m almost a week into the 3rd trimester.  Baby girl is so strong these days – I’m already starting to get a little uncomfortable and feeling huge!  We still have much to do to prepare, but I’m feeling very ready to meet baby girl.  Hopefully we’re able to finalize a name for her!   Nathan is pushing very heavily for the name “Arwen”.  I’m still not 100% sure about it, but we shall see.  At this point, my hope is that when we meet her, one of these names we’ve discussed will simply feel right.  Or maybe something else will come to us before she is born.  We shall see!


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