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38 week 4 day checkup

Today I had my 38 week 4 day checkup, and nothing has really changed since  last week!  My cervix is not so high as it was, but I’m still 1 cm dilated and I’m not yet effacing.  My OB gave me some things to do this week to try to encourage that to happen, and then at my next appointment we’ll be scheduling an induction if things don’t happen on their own!


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OB Checkup 37 weeks 4 days

Today I had my 3rd cervix check.  I’m now 1 cm dilated, so progress is being made, but slowly.  I’m still hoping I can go into labor on my own, but am glad I don’t have to worry as much about this week-end, given the circumstances. 

My blood pressure was slightly elevated, but they aren’t too worried yet.  They said to just keep an eye on how I’m feeling, and if anything feels off, to let them know right away.

Here is a belly pic from today.   Baby girl has really grown in the past month!

37w4d belly


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Liam’s First Haircut

Liam had his first haircut on January 5, 2013, the morning before his birthday party.   We took him to one of those places that specializes in cuts for children.  He was able to sit in a truck and watch Elmo the entire time.

At first he was a little unsure.

Still not sure

But then he started having a great time!

Happy now

He didn’t want it to end!

Mad it's over

After several failed attempts, I finally got a picture of the finished product.

Freshly groomed

His hair is still curly, but so much easier to maintain now!


This week-end, Liam will have another first, but of a much more sober nature.  Yesterday, Liam’s Great-Grandpa John Mohr left this earth behind and went to his eternal home.  Thoughts and prayers for the family will be appreciated as we attend the funeral and everyone says their last good-byes.

Grandpa Mohr

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Happy birthday to Liam

This post is a bit late, but…

How in the world is my little man 2 years old?  TWO!?!?!?

It seems only yesterday I was in the delivery room preparing for his arrival.  And now, he is a full-blown toddler and his little sister will be here soon. 

It’s amazing how much parenthood can change a person’s life.  If I’m being honest, it definitely has its frustrating moments.  But all of those are largely overshadowed by the sweet kisses, the snuggles, the smiles and giggles, and so much more love than I ever knew could exist. 

He is testing boundaries, as any two-year-old does.  And when I find myself at a loss for how to react or how to get him to understand what is acceptable and what is not, he’ll reach up and sweetly touch my face and bring me in for a kiss.  Or he’ll lay his head on my shoulder for a few moments.  Sometimes he even grabs my hand and wraps my arm tightly around himself.  

He is becoming such a little boy, and I know I’ll be seeing more of that as this year passes.  By the time he is three, I’m sure very little “baby” will remain in him.  And it’s bittersweet, really.  It makes me sad to realize how fast this is going.  I know it will only feel like a blink of an eye before he’s starting Kindergarten, or I’m taking him in for his drivers’ test, or we’re sending him off to college.  And I’m sure even then I’ll see glimpses of the baby boy who still would rather sleep snuggled against me than anywhere else.

But I’m also so excited for all of the fun and excitement ahead.  We have so much lfie to experience together and many, many memories to make.  And so rather than be sad about the passing time, or dread the inevitable separation in the future, my goal is to focus on the now.  To cherish each day for the day that it is.  And my number one wish for him right now is to create a childhood that he will one day look back upon with nothing but fondness. 

As I already mentioned, he got sick with the flu a few days before his birthday party that was scheduled on December 29.  Thankfully, we were able to switch the party to January 5 without much difficulty. 

The theme was Elmo, his favorite character, and he got a kick out of all of the decorations.   I kept them low-key this year, as it is not easy to plan a party as pregnant as I currently am!

Decorations Cupcakes

He especially loved his Elmo balloon.


And, of course, he enjoyed his chocolate cupcake! 

Liam eating cupcake 2 Liam eating cupcake 3 Liam eating cupcake

Next we opened presents.

Opening presents 2 Opening presents

It was a great celebration and a wonderful day!

Family Pic

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Yesterday I had my final ultrasound of this pregnancy as well as my final ultrasound ever, since we have decided this is our last baby!  The ultrasound went well – baby girl is looking extremely crowded.  I had about 10 cm of amniotic fluid (normal) and she weighed in at 7 lbs 3 oz!  There is a 10 oz margin of error in either direction, so she could be slightly smaller or slightly bigger, but I’m a little afraid of how big she will get!  I was worried about delivering Liam, and while giving birth to an 8 lb 7 oz baby was not the easiest thing to do, it was manageable.  So I can only hope this time will be as well.  If she is indeed 7 lbs 3 oz, and if I do go to 40 weeks, and if she follows the standard .5 lb per week growth rate, she could be 9 lbs!  I expressed my worry about delivering a large baby to my OB, and he is convinced I will do fine.   My only concerns about a bigger baby are a) I don’t want to end up with a lot of stitches and b) I really don’t want to end up in a c-section.  I know the risk of a c-section, even with a big baby, is slim.  But the thought still causes me some anxiety.

Today, I had my 2nd cervix check and, this time, in addition to softening, I am thinning.  However I am not at all dilated.  Baby girl is also at a -2 station, which means she is still has some dropping to do, but at least has begun her descent.  I was at a -2 station when I went in for my induction with Liam.  I was starting to dilate at this point in my pregnancy with him but, in the end, it didn’t make a difference as I was still induced with him several weeks later.  I had started to thin with him at this stage, but I was not softened at all.  So while a part of me wants to be disappointed at the lack of dilation (even though I would prefer baby girl to bake a little longer), I know that all of these signs really mean little in terms of when I will go into labor.   I probably don’t need to be on high alert just yet, but there is no need for me to start worrying about induction yet either.  I am hoping to get to go on my own this time.  But if I am induced again, it is far from the worst thing that could happen.  I’m familiar with induction, so at least there is some comfort in that.  Plus, having something scheduled would make things a little easier in terms of planning for Liam’s care while I’m in the hospital.   However, there is still plenty of time for things to progress naturally, so for now I will relax and be grateful that I have time to continue preparing our home for our new arrival.

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When we decided to have children, we also decided that we wanted to be home every Christmas morning.  However, this year, it just didn’t work out that way.  We decided Liam is still too young for that to be an issue, and so we made ourselves flexible so we could spend time with family members we otherwise would not have gotten to see!

Rather than have one crazy, hectic Christmas week-end, we decided to open our Christmas presents at home on Saturday, December 15 after hanging our Christmas lights.  Liam got so excited about the lights, and was a little helper.


Every night since, he comes home and wants them to be turned on, after which point he exclaims “lights!”.  It’s fun to see him so excited, and I know next year will be even more sweet as he begins to more fully comprehend what Christmas means.

Liam’s big present from this year was an iPod Touch 4.  Some may be rolling their eyes here.  However, it really is the best present we could have gotten him.  He is absolutely obsessed with our iPhones, and this keeps him from playing with those (and making repetitive calls to friends and family and who knows where else).  We loaded it with several toddler-friendly apps, and it is the perfect thing to entertain him on the 40 minute drive to and from daycare each day.  Screaming time has greatly diminished, and so I have no regrets about this purchase.  He also received 4 new books and a pair of house shoes from us.  He loves the books, especialy “Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?”.  He isn’t so sure about the house shoes, but maybe he will adjust to them!  We also got him some bath paints, and so his new favorite bathtime pastime is painting our tub and himself!

On Saturday, December 22, we had Christmas with some of our grandparents and my parents in Evansville, IN.  Liam had a lot of fun opening and playing with his new toys.   He also got to visit with some distant cousins and spend time with family members who had either never seen him or not seen him in a year!   Unfortuantely, on this day he was exposed to the flu and, as I’ll explain more later, he did catch it.



On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we spend time with Nathan’s family.  Christmas Eve was with Nathan’s mom’s side of the family, and on Christmas Day we opened presents with his parents, and then with his grandparents on his dad’s side.  Liam had a great time, and was spoiled beyond measure!  We all were!

DSC_0050 DSC_0054 DSC_0059 DSC_0066

Now, I must back up to Christmas Day to begin the saga of our bad luck that followed after Christmas!  First, on Christmas Eve, we woke up without hot water, and not much to be done about it since it was during the Christmas holiday.  We had hoped to get the hot water fixed by Wednesday, but it didn’t happen.  After having several friends and 2 plumbers assess the situation, we finally discovered the cause of the water not heating was due to a leak beneath our house.  A friend of ours helped us fix it on Monday – so we were without regular hot water for 7 days!

On top of the hot water situation, Liam woke up the day after Christmas (Wednesday) with a fever.  It was only a low grade fever, and after calling the pediatrician’s office, their recommendation was that we keep an eye on things and bring him in the next day if it got any higher.  Well, it did, and they tested him for the influenza virus, and it was positive.  He ran a fever until Saturday, December 29, which was supposed to be the day of his birthday party!  So, we had to reschedule that for January 5.   Thankfully he seems to be doing better now.

As if the lack of hot water and the flu virus weren’t enough to make for a bad week, Nathan’s grandpa was also admitted to the hospital for pneumonia, and there was some concern about whether he would recover.   Thankfully, he seems to be doing better, but could use continued good thoughts and prayers.

I’m glad to be on the other side, or mostly on the other side, of all of that!

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I’m slowly but surely getting caught up on my picture uploading! As promised several weeks ago, here are some highlights of our photography session with Donna Harris Photography.  She does such amazing work – anyone looking for an awesome photogrpaher should check out her page!






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