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Times are Changing

In just a few months, Liam will start kindergarten. He’s gone from the wiggly baby inside of me, pressing so hard against my ribs I couldn’t breathe, to this adorable, silly, kindhearted little boy. Looking back over the last 5 years, it’s easy to see all of the incremental changes that have led to this time. The changes were unnoticeable as they happened, but are very apparent when viewed in retrospect.

This next change feels different. It has knocked me off my feet, and left the world spinning around me.

I am stuck in this place of transition. I’m not ready to let go of the baby years. While I hold on with every fiber of my being, time continues to drag me forward, not caring if I’m kicking and screaming against it. One thing I’ve learned in this tug of war between time and me is that time always wins. Time will win this time, too.

Yet, time is no villain. Time may push me forward when I don’t feel ready, but its very nature allows me to have the experiences I do, which then turn to memories. Time may take me away from some amazing moments, but my memories are mine. Not only is time unable to take them from me, time is the thing that gave them to me.

I can feel everything changing around me, in these last months before this next phase. I’m transitioning from “mom to 3 babies” to “mom of a school-aged kid”. From a “young adult” to an “adult”. It feels foreign, and I’m not sure I’m ready for it.  Yet, regardless of my readiness, it’s here.

I know I will continue in this fight I cannot win over the next several months, until the moment it can no longer be avoided arrives. I’m sure I will shed tears, and quite a lot of them. Though alongside my resistance is excitement to see what lies ahead. So many memories are waiting to be made, and stories are waiting to be told.

No, I don’t want to let go. But I can’t wait for the next adventure.








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6 months

Almost a week ago now, Elena turned 6 months old.  What?????  This time in our lives is so precious, yet so fleeting.  I wish I could extend it somehow, but instead I’ll have to settle for savoring every single moment.

One of the reasons I keep this blog going is to document the development of my children.  This blog serves as my virtual baby book in that way.  I use it to track milestones, growth, and cute stories I’ll enjoy reading when the days of small children are over for me.  I am glad to have this place to record all of those things, even if I don’t get a chance to do so as often as I’d like.

As I was looking back over my blog recently, I realized there are some very important things I have failed to document.  These are things I know I will never forget, but know I should record anyway.

I want to remember Elena’s skin, velvety against my lips.  The way her satiny hair swishes behind her as she takes her bath.  The way that same hair felt like down in the days after her birth.

I want to remember the way her giant smile fills her whole face the moment she sees me in the morning.  The way she giggles when she sees her brother.  And the smiles she gives her Daddy when he is sitting across the room.

I want to remember her tiny hands, and the way they curl around my finger.  The way her little legs feel squishy, even though there isn’t much to them!

I want to remember how Liam scrunches up his entire face when he laughs.  And how it takes so little to see that laugh.

I want to remember his sheer wonder at things most adults find ordinary.

I want to remember how he takes a different collection of toys to bed with him each night, and will not part with them.  Last night it was his sunglasses, his iPod, and his drumstick.  Usually a book is included in the mix.

I know there are more, so many more.  I’m going to try to include these simple, sweet moments in my updates as well as the milestones going forward.

Speaking of milestones, Elena is sitting!  She also has become quite the grabber – she will snatch anything she can, including our skin!  She rolls in both directions, and she scoots around on her belly.

Liam is doing more speaking in sentences.  He is also counting to ten and can almost say his ABC’s.

It seems they both learn something new everyday!  Now if only I could find the time to blog everyday, I know I would so appreciate it in about 10 years!

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Liam will be 2.5 years old on July 1, and Elena will be 5 months on June 25.  Both are hard to believe, but right now I’m having the most trouble accepting that my baby boy is so close to being 2.5!  It’s crazy how much he has changed this year.  He still looked so much like a baby at 2.

Here were his 2 year pictures.  Granted, the were taken a few weeks before he actually turned 2, but look at that baby face!


Here is a picture I took exactly 1 week ago. (Ignore that his shirt doesn’t fit with this scene – this was not a planned photo shoot.  We were just scouting out a park!)

Liam in Field (1 of 1)

What a difference!

He has all of a sudden become quite talkative.  He is constantly talking and telling us things, and I would say we understand most of what he says now.  He still loves he drums and the guitar – I cannot decide which he prefers overall, though right now he seems to be on a drum kick.  He has this drum with drumsticks, and he beats on that thing from morning until night.  If his drumsticks aren’t handy, he will use whatever he has in his hands as a drum:  silverware, toys, his hands, etc.  He likes to tap the side of his car seat to the music in the car, too.  He can even identify drums and the guitar as songs come on the radio, and if he hears a song that does not have drums in it, he is prompt to let us know he wants a different song, because that one doesn’t have drums.  I mentioned this to his teacher at daycare, and she said it is quite impressive that he can identify instruments on a song.  I asked her if all 2 year olds have the interest in drums and guitar he does, or if it’s something I should watch as a potential natural talent for him, and she said definitely watch it, because it isn’t something that naturally draws all of them.  This piano playing mama likes the sound of that!  Of course, I will be thrilled no matter what his talents are, and I will do my best to help him nurture them.  That’s one of my jobs as his parent, after all!

Liam is also really into baseball, which makes Daddy happy.  He gets excited when it’s on tv, and of all the dress-up item available in his classroom, he chose to wear a baseball jersey yesterday.  He usually doesn’t dress up at all – he is very attached to his own clothes and very specific in what he wants to wear, especially when it comes to shoes!  He has been in his current classroom almost 6 months now, and only recently has decided dressing up in play clothes can be fun.

He is also developing quite the memory.  Last week-end I took him to the store with me, and I told him if he sat in the cart and didn’t throw fits, I would get him a milkshake.  We probably spent an hour in the store, but when we left, he quickly reminded me of my promise – he wanted that milkshake!  Of course, I got him one.

In addition to tracking milestones, I also want to try to remember the little funny things he does.  He makes us laugh often and, sadly, by the time I sit down to blog, I have often forgotten things, and I hate that!  I do remember one story, which I will share now.

Last Saturday, we went to visit Nathan’s family for Father’s Day week-end.  On the way there, I was asking Liam the animal sounds, and then I decided to throw in “What does Daddy say?” to be silly.  He thought about it for a minute, and his response was “uhhhh, sleep!”  That gave us a good laugh, since it is pretty accurate.  Daddy is usually the one telling him to go back to bed as he gets up through the night, since I am the one who has to feed Elena when she gets hungry at night (which thankfully isn’t often!).


Elena - Cream & purple (1 of 1) Elena B&W (1 of 1) Elena floral romper (1 of 1)

Elena is becoming quite the expert at rolling from her back to her tummy!  She will almost always roll after a few minutes of laying on her back.  Sometimes she wants put back on her back since she can’t get back there herself.  Other times, she focuses on her other new skill – scooting!  She can move several inches forward at a time.  She will stick her butt in the air and get this little determined look on her face, and she will make these little determined sounds as she moves forward ever so slightly.

She is laughing more and more these days, and it is usually at Liam.  She sure loves her big brother!  She’s also vocalizing more and trying out different sounds.

She’s still wearing some 0-3 month clothing sizes, but she is mostly in 3-6 months now.  She is so long, she can ever wear some 6-9 month sleepers if they are footed.  However, other than length, they tend to swallow her.  We can only get away with doing that with the brands that tend to run smaller.  Otherwise, we prefer footless sleepers for her.

She had her 4 month checkup on June 6.  She weighed 13 lbs 1 oz (25th %tile) and was 26.5″ long (98th %tile).  She definitely went through quite the growth spurt, and her eating habits showed it!

The next few weeks are going to be quite busy, so hopefully I will find some time to do updates.  Liam’s 2.5 year checkup is on 7/2, and Elena goes to the cardiologist on 7/4, so that will be a busy week!

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This has been a very busy month.  I’m back in the swing of things at work, and so life is always hectic on the evenings and week-ends.  As expected with joining daycare, Elena has also picked up an upper respiratory infection, so we’ve been working around the clock to keep her breathing clearly.  Finally, Liam has been getting his 2 year molars.  He let me get a good look into his mouth the other day, and I saw one is all the way in, and 2 more are very close.  That could explain why he has been a bit on the irritable side this past month, too.

Here are some updates on each child.


DSC_0113-2 DSC_0122

  • Elena is still working on rolling, and is getting closer all the time.  She decided to make it more challenging by working on rolling from back to tummy first, and she gets stuck on her arm.  She’s gotten all the way over once or twice, but she still didn’t manage to get her arm out from beneath her.
  • She sits assisted very well.  I hear that she sits better than plenty of babies several months older!  Her back is very straight and not wobbly at all.  She does fall to the side though, so she isn’t quite ready for UNassisted sitting.
  • She has become very vocal and loves to talk to people who talk to her.  She carries on a regular conversation, but in baby-ese of course.  I think we may have a talker on our hands!
  • She currently weighs about 12 lbs 4 oz and can still wear some 0-3 months and some 3-6 months clothes.  If it’s a dress, 3-6 months works better and if it’s pants, 0-3 months works better, but they fit her like capris instead of pants.  In sleepers, she’s amazingly too long for a lot of her 3-6 month sizes if they are footed!  But there is no possible way she can fit into 6-9 months because they would swallow her whole.
  • She got to paint at daycare this week, and they say she absolutely loved it.  She was squishing her fingers all in it!
  • Her baby dedication was the day she turned 4 months – May 25.  I’ll do a separate post about that, including a slide show photo montage I made.
  • Her 4 month checkup is June 6.


Liam (1 of 1) Liam (1 of 11)  Liam.Bath.Smile (1 of 1)

  • Liam is seeming more like a kid and less like a baby all the time, both in how he looks and the things he says.  His new favorite question is “why?”.  He questions everything .  Why is the baby going in the car seat?  Why are we using *that* blanket?  If we are doing it, he wants to know why.
  • He let me take a good look inside his mouth this week-end, and I saw that 1 of his 2-year molars is completely in, but he has 2 on the verge, so he’s been a little grumpy.  He didn’t let me look long enough to tell if the 4th one is also coming in, already through, or if it’s still below the surface.  I hope these pop in fast, and then I feel like celebrating the end of teething for him!
  • We usually have to beg and plead with him to get him to eat anything at all, and even then he might eat 1-2 bites of something before he’s done.  However, the past couple weeks he has been eating like crazy!  For example, he ate 2 packs of oatmeal for breakfast yesterday, and he was still hungry and wanted his leftover pizza from the day before!  He must be going through a growth spurt.

I’m never sure how to end these bullet-point updates!  As mentioned, I’ll do another post soon featuring Elena’s dedication, and I hope to get them outside with my camera again soon, too.  The weather has been really bad for taking pictures lately!

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I just completed my 2nd week back at work.  It’s been hard to leave Elena, but she is adjusting so well to daycare, and that makes it a lot easier.   She sleeps well while there (something Liam never did as a baby) and seems content with her new surroundings.  I wish she would eat more than 3 oz at a time, but that is still way better than Liam ever did away from me.  It was a fight to get him to drink 1-2 ounces in a single day while at daycare!  So while I’d prefer to be home with my little ones every day, I’m pleased with how things are going.


11 weeks smile 11 weeks tutu overexposed example 11 weeks tutuElena 13 weeks12 weeks

  • Elena still has not mastered rolling, but she is getting so close!  Her daycare teachers even commented on how close she gets to doing it.  It’s a 4 month milestone, so we still have time, and I’m in no rush!
  • She is still such a happy girl, full of great big smiles for anyone who talks to her.  I’m pretty sure I heard a laugh last week-end, too!  I only heard it once, so I can’t be sure.
  • She has been smiling a lot at Liam lately.  It usually makes him giggle.
  • She had a pediatric cardiologist appointment this week, and it went well!  Her EKG was fine, and she weighed 11 lbs 10 oz and was 25.5″.  They do think she still has SVT, but there is still time for her to outgrow it.  If she hasn’t outgrown it by 18 months, then she will most likely have it the rest of her life.  However, even if we think she has outgrown it by 18 months, we won’t know for sure whether she has until she is fully grown, as a lot of kids will go years without an episode and then have one.


 Unfortunately, I have no pictures of Liam to add this time.  He is not always very cooperative when the camera is out! 

  • Liam has made life very interesting these past couple of weeks!  The other morning I thought he was playing in the living room while I got ready for work.  When Nathan went in there to get him dressed, he couldn’t find him.  We looked all over for him, both inside and outside the house, and still couldn’t find him.  Finally, I heard a giggle coming from the laundry room (which we had already searched), and so I went in there, and the dryer door popped open!  He had crawled inside and shut the door!
  • He always wants to go outside.  He gets quite angry when we can’t go out there with him.
  • If Elena is crying, he will point to her and say “uh oh baby!”  And then he’ll usually grab her pacifier.  He also likes to get in her face and say “Hi baby!” 
  • He has started saying “oh” when we explain something to him (such as why he can’t do something), and he uses it in the right context.  It’s so funny!

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11 weeks

Here are the things that have been going on the past couple weeks!


untitled-1-17 untitled-1-59 untitled-1-80

  • Elena is trying harder to grab at things. She has mastered the art of reaching out and touching things and batting at them, but still can’t quite maintain a grip on something she does manage to get.
  • Last night I laid her next to me on the couch, and she managed to scoot, on her back, quite a ways away from me!  She was pushing off with her feet against the back of the couch and my legs.  This girl has places to go!
  • She is trying very hard to roll from back to tummy.  She can roll quite far on her side, but hasn’t made it all the way to her tummy yet.
  • She is turning into a squirmy monkey!  She is still much calmer than Liam was (he kicked nonstop).  But she moves all the time these days!
  • She loves to hang over our upper arm and observe her surroundings.  She has also gotten really into the play mat. It’s the perfect opportunity to bat at dangling toys!
  • She has discovered her tongue, and likes to stick it out.
  • She has started chewing on things – she mostly chews on us!
  • She sleeps like a champ.  She will sleep anywhere and is usually able to put herself to sleep.
  • She is growing!  She can still wear 0-3 mos sizes, but she is now too long for some of her footed sleepers.  I’ve put a couple 3-6 mos things on her, and they are big, but no bigger than putting 0-3 mos on a newborn.  Some brands swallow her at that size though.
  • She is a happy, happy girl!


Liam - unedited-1 untitled-1-65 untitled-1-68

  • Liam has had a rough couple weeks.  He has had a cold all month, and he was on an antibiotic for an ear infection.  Well, that didn’t go over too well – he spit it out most of the time.  He kept pulling on his ears and saying “owie”, and so I took him back to the doctor.  As suspected, he did have an ear infection, but he also had pneumonia!  I was not expecting that one, but we were glad we took him in.  They put him on another antibiotic, and we managed to get him to take this one.  He’s mostly better now, thank goodness.  We do have to take him in on Friday to make sure his lungs are clear.  
  • One of his new favorite things to do is hide from us.  He hides when it’s time for a bath or diaper change, or sometimes for no reason other than to have fun!  Some of his favorite places are underneath or behind baby gear.
  • He still loves pretending to drive our cars.  If we go outside, he will stand by the car or SUV and beg for the keys.  If he can’t get that, he will run out back to the shed and want in there. We have a slide in the back yard for him, and he does enjoy that, but he will only play on it for a few minutes before begging for the keys.
  • He is starting to get a little jealous of Elena if I am holding her.  If I’m holding her, then he wants held.  If I put her down to hold him, he doesn’t care anymore.  I’m sure this is all part of the adjustment period for him.  He still seems to really love her though.  He’s just not so sure about the sharing me part.
  • His talking gets cuter all the time. The sentence of the week is “It’s a mess!”  If something falls on the floor he will say “mess” and go get the broom.  He’s quite the little neat freak!  I’m sure his wife will appreciate that trait one day, assuming it continues.  🙂


I go back to work a week from today.  I’m not looking  forward to that at all.  At all.  *sigh*

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C-Section Birth

I’ve had several conversations since Elena’s arrival about the difference between a c-section and labor.  I thought it worth doing a post.  I won’t get too graphic, but anyone squeamish about birth may want to stop reading!

I need to start by saying that both of my labors were induced labors, and my c-section was unplanned, so I can only share from that perspective.  My first induction was extremely difficult because, at 34 weeks, my body needed to be forced into labor mode.  My second induction was at 39 weeks, and my body was ready.  That one was much easier, but it was still a long process to get me into labor, leaving me exhausted at the end of it.  My labor itself was only 4 hours, but I had not slept for almost 24 hours by the time Liam arrived.  I ended up getting an epidural both times, but also labored naturally for a good amount of time in both cases.  I can say natural labor was, without a doubt, the most intense pain I’ve ever felt in my life.  Granted, I was on Pitocin, and that generally causes contractions to be stronger and closer together than without it.

Post-epidural, labor became easy, at least until time to push.  I didn’t feel a thing pushing Madelyn, as my epidural was stronger than with Liam – in the short time between those two births the formula used in birth epidurals had been changed.  My epidural with Liam allowed me to still feel my legs somewhat, and I was able to feel the pressure of pushing.  Liam was also over twice as big as Madelyn (3 lbs 4 oz v. 8 lbs 7 oz).  Pushing with Liam was not as intense as labor prior to my epidural, but the pressure was definitely painful.  However, it was a different kind of pain than the strong contractions because I knew how close I was to meeting him, and that made it doable.  It was even what I would describe as exhilarating.

My c-section birth was so different.  I went to the hospital expecting to be sent home after an NST.  I had a c-section instead, and she was here in no time at all.   I was nervous about labor, but I was scared out of my mind about a c-section.  It is a good thing it all happened so fast, because I didn’t have too much time to be afraid.

I love the pictures below, because they show so much of what I felt that night.  Thanks again to Donna Harris 
Photography for these amazing images (they make me want to become a birth photographer!).

The first image conveys my fear so well.  I was afraid of the surgery, and afraid of why Elena’s heart was skyrocketing.  The second shows nerves giving way to anticipation of her arrival.   In the third, I am filled with joy, because she arrived.    The fourth speaks for itself, as I see my baby on the outside for the first time.

c e g t

The emotions are all the same, but faster with a c-section.  And then the surgery itself is easy and painless.  Then recovery happens.

Recovery from a traditional delivery is hard and causes soreness for a couple weeks.  The c-section causes soreness too, but in a different location, making it difficult to get up from sitting to standing.  And the sore, bruised-like feeling continues for many more weeks.  I was also on pain medications for about a week with a c-section, but never had to take them after my other births.  I also had one day of really bad pain after my c-section, even with painkillers.  However that may have been magnified by a baby in the NICU and knowing Liam was mad at me for being gone.

I think that covers it from my experience.  If I were planning another baby, I would go for a VBAC – my OB even said there was no reason I would need to have another c-section in the future.  Having said that, a c-section was not nearly as bad as I had always imagined, and if I ever needed to do it again, I would not be as afraid.  Of course, we’re not planning more children, so that’s all moot.  However, if any of my friends ever need a c-section, hopefully I can help to reassure them.

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