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It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly 6 weeks since our last ultrasound! By the time today arrived, I was very ready to see our baby boy again.

When they first turned on the machine, he was sleeping soundly. His lip was twitching, and he was rubbing the back of his head as he slept. Then, a few minutes later, he decided it was playtime! He started moving like crazy, shaking his fists at my placenta, and kicking up a storm. I said it looked like he was having a boxing match, and Nathan said it looked like he was trying to fight his way out.

I noticed he kicked and punched my placenta quite a bit, and when he did I couldn’t feel it. I am feeling him all the time now, but the strongest movements I feel are around the outer perimeter of my stomach, and it was clear by today’s ultrasound that I still miss out on a lot!

He is measuring at 26 weeks 6 days and 2 pounds 1 ounce, putting him at the 58th percentile for his gestation. So he is a little big, but not abnormally so. Unfortunately for me, his head is 2 weeks bigger than average!

We are so thankful that everything is going so well! We will have another ultrasound in 6 more weeks.

Here are a few photos from today’s visit.

Sound asleep

I’m still a boy! I think it’s safe to keep buying blue by this point. 🙂

He likes to keep his feet crossed:

This one might be hard to see without having it physically pointed out, but to the right is an outline of his nose and lip!

That’s all for today!


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We have a pediatrician!

Thursday morning I (Nathan couldn’t be there) interviewed a pediatrician who was referred to us by a friend. I was hoping to like her, as I didn’t want to spend much time searching and interviewing. Thankfully, I did!

One thing I try to avoid at all costs are stoic doctors who expect their patients to do what they say simply because they are the expert. I like to research things for myself and ask a lot of questions rather than placing blind faith in my doctors, who are very much human and can make mistakes. Therefore, I need someone who is not inconvenienced or agitated by that. When she entered the room wearing street clothes, flip flops, and a giant smile, I knew she was someone with whom I could easily converse. She happily answered my questions, giving me detailed answers, which I appreciated. I felt very comfortable talking to her.

Of course, there is no way to know for certain that she is the right fit until she actual begins caring for Liam. However, for now, I feel confident that we have made a good choice. I also trust my friend who referred her, and if she likes her, I’m sure we will too!

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Today I had my routine OB checkup for the month, and everything was fine. My OB is very pleased with how the pregnancy is going.

I asked him about the dizziness I had last week when I got up at night, and he said letting my legs dangle for about 10 seconds before getting out of bed should prevent that. I haven’t had it at all this week, so I’m glad of that.

I also asked him at what point I should call to get checked when I’m not feeling a lot of movement. He said if I start to get concerned to eat or drink some juice, lie down, and do some kick counts. Most doctors say if you haven’t felt 10 movements in 2 hours to call. However, he told me to call if I don’t feel 10 movements in 1 hour. I was surprised at this, especially since I have an anterior placenta, meaning there very well could be times when I don’t feel 10 movements in an hour. I don’t mind calling though! I’ll take as much monitoring as they’re willing to give.

When he checked the baby’s heartbeat on the doppler, he was also very surprised that I wasn’t feeling movement at the time. He said the baby was moving like crazy!

My next checkup is on October 13. At that time, my OB will order my glucose screening test, another thyroid (TSH & T4) check, and he will have me checked for anemia. I’ll see him again 4 weeks after that, and then I’ll start seeing him every 2 weeks for for about a month, and then I’ll see him weekly as it will be my last month of pregnancy. So that means I’ll be going to my OB’s office during weeks 28, 32, 34, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, and so on until I go into labor. I’m hoping I don’t go beyond 40 weeks though!

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Today I’m 23 weeks and 4 days. I’m so close to 24 weeks, the point at which most pregnant women celebrate their baby’s viability. I have no plans to deliver anytime soon, but if I were to do so, at 24 weeks there is a 50% chance of survival outside the womb. My hospital will attempt to save any baby that weighs 1 pound or more, and I’m sure Liam has been to that point for a couple of weeks. However the chances of survival before 24 weeks are quite low.

I’m not at risk for pre-term labor, but it does feel good to know if it were to happen, our odds start going way up at this point. I also worry about everything now, whether I’m at risk or not. However, in spite of my worries, I truly do believe wholeheartedly we will be bringing our little Liam home with us. And Liam just gave me a big kick in agreement!

His movements are becoming stronger, though there are still days when I don’t feel as much as usual. On these days, I’ll pull out my doppler, and he immediately will start squirming. He must not like being monitored! Even on the quiet days I feel him move several times throughout the day, but anything short of movement every few minutes is enough to make me worry! Anterior placentas should not happen for those of us who have experienced loss, because they simply add to the list of already existing worries by not letting us get as much reassurance through movement!

The pregnancy is continuing to move quickly for me, and with everything we have left to do, I have no doubt early January will be here before we know it! Tomorrow I have an OB checkup, and Thursday we are interviewing a pediatrician, so this week will go quickly. Next week there is nothing pregnancy-related happening, but the following week I have an ultrasound and a meeting with our doula. In October I have 2 baby showers. In November I am having my maternity photos done, and we will be taking classes on newborn care and on nursing either late November or early December. Add the holiday craze to the mix, and the rest of this year is going to feel so short!

Here is a picture of me today. There is no denying I’m pregnant at this point. Please ignore my unmade bed in the background!

In other news, though it still feels like we have a lot to do, our house renovations are coming right along. Here are some pictures of the newest progress.

This is our new back door. Although you can’t tell from this picture, there are actually micro blinds between the window panes that we can open or shut. I love the idea that they’re between the glass, which means no cleaning is required!

And here is an overall picture of the room as it currently appears.

I will continue to update as things move along!

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A week-end in Austin

We spent this past week-end in Austin, TX, visiting friends. We had a great time! Our friends took us to a fabulous outlet mall where Nathan, who never shops, got lots of new clothes, Liam got an outfit we can use to bring him home from the hospital, and I got my new diaper bag!

Here is Liam’s outfit:

And here is my new diaper bag:

It was great to see old friends, shop, and see a new city!


For the past few weeks I’ve been buying baby clothes like crazy. Summer clothes are insanely clearanced, and I’m finding $30+ outfits for $2-3! So if his mommy has anything to do with it, Liam should have plenty to wear next summer! I just hope he isn’t much bigger or smaller than he should be for his age so that the sizes and seasons align. The outfit I posted above is the only thing I’ve bought him in size newborn – since fall/winter clothes are just coming out, I decided it was probably best to wait until closer to January when they start going on sale.

I’m also spending a lot of time loving Liam’s movements – sometimes they are so strong they catch me off guard!

I went in last week to see my OB because I was feeling extra tired, and I wanted to be sure all was well. Everything seemed to be in good order, so that’s good. I have my next OB appointment next week. I’m still feeling a little more tired than usual, but I guess growing a baby is hard work! I’ve also had some minor dizziness here and there. If that doesn’t stop, I plan to ask my OB about it next week. I know it can be common in pregnancy.

I can’t believe we’re almost 23 weeks along!

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And the winners are….

The winner of the blog makeover is:

Jessica of What the Future Holds!

The winner of the Grace flourish is:

Melissa of Amazing Mikayla Grace!

And the winner of the Amy flourish is:

Amanda of Written in the Stars!

I will be putting Franchesca in contact with each of you soon to arrange for you to receive your prizes!

Thanks to all who entered – I wish I could give something to everyone!

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As promised, I have decided to do a giveaway!!

I have coordinated with Franchesca of Small Bird Studio, and I have three amazing gifts to give!

The first item I’m giving away is a blog makeover, including a signature and post divider! Click here to see an examples of Franchesca’s blog design work and to get an idea of what she can do for you! She also designed my In Our Hearts photo pendants blog. She will work closely with the winner to choose a design that is perfect for the blog.

Next, I’m giving away two of her flourishes! These can be worn in the hair, on a bag, around the house, or any other way you can think to use it!

The first one I’m giving away is called Grace:

And the second flourish I’m giving away is called Amy:

You can read more about these flourishes and other items in Small Bird Studio’s Etsy shop here.

This giveaway can be entered by leaving a comment on this post telling me your favorite thing about the blogging community. If there is one specific item you do NOT want to win (perhaps your blog has already been designed by Franchesca?), please say so in your comment.

If you are a follower of my blog, please also tell me that in your comment, and your name will be entered twice. If you have commented here with any sort of frequency at all, I will enter your name three times as a special thank you for all the support you’ve given.

This giveaway will be open until midnight on Monday, September 6, 2010. I will choose a winner sometime Tuesday morning using http://www.random.org. The first winner will receive the blog makeover, the second winner will receive the Grace pendant, and the third winner will receive the Amy pendant. If you have specifically stated you do not wish to receive a certain item and your name/number is drawn, you will win the next item on the list. For example, if your name is drawn to win the blog makeover, but you have requested not to win the blog makeover, you will then win the Grace pendant, and the second name chosen would then win the blog makeover.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

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