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Catching up with pictures!

I am finally catching up with some of the pictures I have taken (but not posted) over the past few weeks. It is getting harder and harder to take pictures of Liam – he is constantly on the move and doesn’t have time to stop and pose for Mommy. But, I do what I can!

Before I post the pictures, I’ll give a quick update. There isn’t much new to add this week – he continues to crawl and cruise around the house at a fast pace, getting into anything he can! He cruises effortlessly, barely even holding on to whatever it is he is using for support as he walks. If we are walking with him through the house, he now only needs one of our hands. A lot of people who saw him this week-end said he will be walking soon. He could walk if he wanted to, but he doesn’t have the confidence he needs to let go yet.

I’ve been beginning plans for his first birthday party. I can’t believe that time is almost here! We are going to do the party on 12/31, since 1/1 is a Sunday and not a good day for many of our family and friends. I’m excited to plan it, but sad that my little guy is growing right up.

Here are the pictures!


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Bad blogger!

Yes, that’s me. A very bad blogger.

I’ve always known I wouldn’t keep up with this blog regularly forever. In fact, I’m surprised I have kept up with it for as long as I have, and I am surprised at how much I have enjoyed it. I am hoping to do better, at least so I can thoroughly document Liam’s early years, and also because I need this space when the deep sadness hits, as it inevitably always will, even if those occasions are becoming more and more spread out.

Life has just been…well…busy. Too busy. Make that stressful and busy. I’m ready for things to slow down a little, but I don’t think that is going to happen anytime soon. But there isn’t much I can do to change that right now.

November has been a good month, so far. Liam is growing, growing, growing and learning, learning, learning!! He now has a tooth, although it is still barely sticking out of his gum. It is his upper left tooth. He actually handled the teething process quite well, though not without a little fussiness and difficulty sleeping. But overall, much better than I think I would have handled pain like that!!

He has also mastered cruising. He has been cruising for at least a month, but now he is an expert. He can cruise around the house using only a flat wall as support. He also can walk while only holding one of our hands.

He was standing very well, but then something about the process must have spooked him, because he all of a sudden became afraid to let go of our hands. However, he is getting back to being willing to stand alone. In fact, last night he was standing in the middle of our living room floor, and he put one foot forward! He quickly reached for my hand, but it is the closest to walking he has ever been! I have a feeling walking is just around the corner. I’m not sure I’m ready! Not because of my fear of him getting into everything – he already does that. But, walking makes me sad. I feel like it is the last big milestone of the first year, and I hate that my little guy is growing up so fast.

He eats everything we eat, minus spicy foods and foods that could present a choking hazard, of course. We have even ordered food for him off the kids’ menu a few times! He, of course, makes a huge mess, getting plenty of food chunks all over himself and the floor.

In language development, I have heard him say “mama”, “dada”, “bye-bye”, “no”, and “hi”, along with all of the other baby jibberish he speaks. I am now convinced he says “mama”, “dada”, and “bye-bye” with purpose.

He has decided rolling over while getting his diaper changed is the way to handle that unpleasant situation. Unfortunately, this means it sometimes takes 2 people to get him changed! Especially for the stinkier diapers. 🙂

He dances and he sings. The first time he did these things, I couldn’t believe my eyes! The dancing is incredibly cute – he’ll stand at his musical table and shake his butt to whatever tune is being played at the time. I keep trying to get it on video, but so far I haven’t been successful. He also loves to push his musical table around the house, like a push walker. I’m always afraid he is going to end up falling on his face, but he never does!

I don’t have any pictures to share at the moment, but I will upload some very soon! I have taken pictures, but not taken them off my camera.

I think that covers most everything! He is just such a sweet baby and has a very pleasant disposition. His daycare teachers tell me that when someone visits the infant room, they gravitate to him, because he is always smiling and giggling, and will share a good laugh with anyone, regardless of whether he has met them before! He is such a social little guy, and I simply love watching his personality manifest itself. I feel so lucky to be his Mommy!

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