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Pics of the Week

It’s been a crazy week and a crazy week-end, so I unfortunately don’t have time to do a full post. However, I didn’t want to let a week pass without posting a couple of pictures!

"I sure do like my cereal!"

They can't possibly come any cuter than this!


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Last week, I said that it appeared Liam’s cold was finally gone. Well, it’s back!! GRRRRR!!! And this time it is accompanied by fits of coughing that I don’t like one little bit. I called the pediatrician’s office on Saturday, and they told me to continue using saline drops and sucking out his nose, to have him sleep in an upright position as much as possible, use a humidifier, and if those things didn’t cure him over the week-end they would want to see him on Monday. He sounds a little better today than yesterday – I think letting him sleep propped up helped. But he is still having deep chest cough fits.

Liam got to visit his Grandad yesterday – he hadn’t seen him since he was born! Although I was at a baby shower during most of their visit, it sounds like they both had fun.

In developmental news, Liam is starting to sit unsupported for longer and longer periods of time! I wouldn’t leave him sitting unsupported and alone just yet, but when he is on my lap, I take my hands off him (keeping them close, of course), and he will sit for a full minute or two completely on his own. He seems much more interested in sitting and standing than he does rolling. Last week he rolled on a daily basis, and this week he is back to seeming not the least bit interested in doing it. It doesn’t bother me though – I know that he CAN do it, and that’s what is important when it comes to developmental milestones!

He has always been an excellent nighttime sleeper. He generally sleeps anywhere from 10-12 hours a night, waking about twice to feed. Well, several times in the last week or so, he has slept completely through without eating at all! And more and more he is only eating once instead of twice in the night. Since he has been sick these past few days, his coughing and difficulty breathing are waking him up more, and he realizes he is hungry while he is awake, so he has been eating a little more than normal. But I think we are getting closer and closer to the elimination of nighttime feedings altogether. It doesn’t excite me as much as you might expect – nighttime feedings are so easy, I really don’t mind them at all. He is so peaceful during these times that it’s the perfect time to sit and stare in awe that he is my baby. I don’t want to rush his growing up at all!! I know it all happens so fast without me wishing any of it away, even the moments that some may think of as less enjoyable. He is already 20 weeks old!! That is half of a pregnancy, and this has felt 1,000 times quicker than 20 weeks of pregnancy, that’s for sure! I cherish every single moment, even the ones that keep me from sleep. As I write this, he is laying on his play mat and laughing, and I wish these times could last forever. Or if they can’t last forever, I wish that in the future, I could reach back to these times, and experience them again. I hope I can keep them close to my heart, as bright and vivid as they are this very minute.

Here are some pictures from this week!

Happy baby

Rolling to my side is way cooler than rolling all the way over!

"Enough floor time, Mom!"

Everything must go in the mouth...

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Name Change Update – final poll

I haven’t forgotten about my name change poll. It’s been in the back of my mind off and on ever since (and before) I made that post! However, I’m not in any particular hurry to make a change.

So, after many votes, two of the options have risen to the top, and I am torn. So I would love to hear from you via vote one final time!

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Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

In my last post, I mentioned that while Liam had rolled both ways, he didn’t seem interested in doing it regularly. Well, this week he has been rolling one way or another every single day! He doesn’t roll all over the floor yet, but when he is on his play mat, he will generally roll over at least once. He rolls back and forth from his side to his back all the time, as well. And boy, can he scoot! He scoots all over that play mat! If I put him on it and leave the room for a few minutes, when I return he is always laying in a different position and facing a different direction that I left him.

He constantly has a grip on one of the toys that dangle from his play mat. It seems he would like to put them in his mouth, but he doesn’t realize they are attached! Every now and then I oblige his wishes by unhooking one of the toys so he can gnaw on it to his heart’s content.

We put his high chair together this week, and he seems to enjoy sitting in it. His high chair reclines to several different positions, and I assumed it would be easiest on him the seat was leaning back a little. However, he always pulls himself further up so that he is sitting completely upright. He loves to sit up straight!

We also got him an exersaucer to enjoy, and he loves it! I don’t like to leave him in it for very long yet, as it is a tad bit big for him and he ends up leaning forward instead of standing up straight. He loves to spin around in the seat and play with all of the different toy attachments. I think it is visual stimulation heaven for him! I took a picture with my cell phone, and my phone’s photo quality is not great. I’ll have to take a better picture with my camera this week!

He is weighing in at 16 lbs this week. I also am so glad, because other than a teeny bit of stuffiness, I think he is finally feeling better!

Here are some pictures from the past 2 weeks. I didn’t share my photos from last week, since I was showcasing his professional ones. 🙂

My fingers taste so good!!!

Always drooling...

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3 Month Photos

I received the rest of Liam’s 3 month photos today! Here are some of my favorites, in addition to the ones I shared in my last post.

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My poor baby has had a cold, or back to back colds, for an entire month! I hate hearing the congestion as he breathes. Since he is breastfed, I can’t help but wonder if I am not eating what he needs to help him fight this cold. I hope it goes way soon! I am sure part of it is due to him starting daycare, and part of it can be blamed on weather that refuses to get and stay warm! Hopefully once all chill is gone from the air, it will help him heal.

On Tuesday, Liam had his 4 month checkup. He weighed in at 15 lbs 9 oz (50th – 75th percentile) and was 26.5 inches long (95th percentile)!! His head was 40.5 cm around, keeping him at the 25th-50th percentile for that.

I have been a little worried because of how small of a soft spot he has. I shared my concerns with the pediatrician, and she said his soft spot is definitely small for his age, but his head is seeing good, consistent growth, so they aren’t worried. However, I am going to bring him in at 5 months for a head measurement to be sure it continues to grow consistently.

Unfortunately, he still has a bit of an infection in one of his ears, though the other ear is healed. Because of this, I have to keep him on antibiotics a few more days. I’m not thrilled about giving him antibiotics already, but I don’t want him to suffer any longer than necessary either!

Shots were awful, awful, awful. I absolutely hated seeing him instantly change from a content little guy to screaming in agony. However, he did not have the long-term fever he developed last time, so I was glad about that!

Our pediatrician said we could gradually start giving him solids. However, with the exception of organic brown rice cereal on daycare days, I have decided to wait until he is 6 months old, as there is a lot of research out there showing this to be best, especially for a breastfed baby. I am only letting him have the cereal on daycare days because he isn’t a big fan of being fed with a bottle, and so he isn’t the best eater when I’m not around. There have been many days when he would only eat 2-5 ounces in 9-10 hours, and I’m hoping by adding the cereal it will ensure he is getting enough calories. Since I wanted to be the first person to feed him, and since I wanted to see how it would go, I gave him his first serving earlier this week. At first he wasn’t sure about it, but then he seemed to like it quite a bit!

He laughs all the time now. He has the sweetest laugh, and often he will end a fit of laughter with the most delightful squeal, making my heart melt!

He hasn’t rolled since the first time he did it. I guess he decided it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be! However, he is grabbing everything in sight, and is able to hold onto objects for much longer periods of time. He is also now able to reach the toys that dangle from his play mat, and enjoys holding onto them while he lays there. And everything goes into his mouth! He keeps trying to take my cell phone and eat it, no matter how many times I try to explain to him that it is not very sanitary to do so! He also sent his very first text message while we were in the waiting room at the doctor’s office!

He is usually content and happy when he is with Nathan and me; however he has a much harder time of it at daycare. It seems he spends a good portion fussing each day he is there, and I hate that so much!! I hope he adjusts soon and it gets easier for him. Maybe he is just doesn’t like being away from Mommy like Mommy hates being away from him!

We got a few photos back from his 3-month photo shoot by Robin Frisella Photography, though I expect to be getting more soon, and I can’t wait!!! Below are the ones we have so far.

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Yesterday was Liams baby dedication, and today he is 4 months old!

The dedication ceremony was lovely! We had many friends and family come to participate and support us in our promise to raise Liam in Godly fashion, and we were so thankful for that. I recorded the ceremony, so I will share the links to those videos once I’ve had a chance to load them.

My friend Misty was kind enough to take some pictures with my camera, and we got some amazing shots. I am so happy to have them, as I don’t get many opportunities to be photographed with my little guy!! Usually I am the one taking the pictures. I will be sharing some of these pictures below.

On Wednesday night, Liam rolled front to back during tummy time twice in a row!! It was so exciting! Of course, when I grabbed the camcorder, he had no interest in rolling again, and he hasn’t done it since, though I keep trying to get him to do it! He has also started scooting all over his play mat. If I lay him facing one way, within minutes his head will be in a different spot.

He loves to suck his first 2 fingers. They are both constantly in his mouth! He also purses his lips all the time. It’s so funny!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from yesterday, thought it was VERY hard to choose a few to post here.

The camera loves me!

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